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Last weekend was the Canada Day long weekend, with July first being Canada Day.  We had been originally planned to go camping for the weekend with Nic as that is our tradition, however with the flood situation around here, camping was becoming less of an option with roads to our favorite sots being under water.  Lucky for us, we received a last minute invite to join some friends up at their lake house in BC.  We had never been to their lake house before and were excited for a hot weather weekend on a lake!! Nic came down to our house so she could join us. We weren't gonna spend Canada Day without her! She knew what she was getting into when she piled into the minivan with Me, my hubby, my toddler, my three month old and my dog, but I'm sure that didn't make the caos any easier to observe! She witnessed two poop blow outs, one was the three month old's in her diaper and out the back of her shirt in the van and the other was the two year old's in his undies with sandwhich in hand in the booth at Subway restaurant in Golden BC...and that was just within the first three hours of the 7.5 hour road trip!!
We made it to the lake house at 2am, so we got settled into our beds right away, eager to wake up to sunshine on the lake!!!
All in all there were a dozen adults, a two year old, a three month old and 4 dogs at the Lake that weekend.  We met a bunch of new friends, Scout played like she hasn't in months and the kids were showered with attention!  We had a fantastic time on Shushwap lake!!  Sunday, at nap time, we left the lake (though it was hard to drive away from paradise) and headed for Kelowna.  We planned to spend some time with Marty's folks.  Nic and Marty were only going to be able to spend the night, they had to head home Monday as they both had to work Tuesday. The kids and I stayed until Thursday. We flew home, thanks to Trish being super generous with her Airmiles! 
While Marty and Nic were in Kelowna with us we: swam in the pool, went for a boat ride, ate fantastic food and basked in the sunshine. After they left, the kids, Grampa and GG and I continued to swim at the lake and splash parks, go for boat rides, eat delicious food and soak up as much sunshine as possible (except Peanut who I insisted stayed in the shade.)  We had an awesome, relaxing holiday. Grampa and GG took great care of us and they didn't seem to mind at all that Ryder his undies at least once every day!  (He did pee in their potty and not ever in his pants nor in his bed nor on Grampa's boat, though, he did pee off the back of Grampa's boat into the lake "on the fishies" so I am proud of him for that!)

Catching up on gossip on the road trip.

One of the most beautiful places I have ever woken up to!

 Playing trucks on the retaining wall.

 Where we live our babies do not get to be naked enough, it is just too cold. I loved having my kids in their skivies all weekend. Nothing cuter than chubby babies and toddlers in nothing but their "gear."

Marty took Ryder out on the paddle board. Adorable!

There was plenty of sunshine and smiles all week!

 Boat ride!

 Ryder LOVED driving Grampa's boat!

 Grampa still has Marty's super soaker from when he was a kid and it still worked!!

 GG snuggles!
 Loved driving!!

Lots of Beach time! Because there were no bugs, or wind, Peanut spent a lot
of the sunny days under the umbrella on her "sleep donut."
Peanut did go for a dip in the lake too!!

 It took Ryder a while to warm up to the idea of playing in the water, but once he did, he had the best time!!!

After one of the beach days, Grampa's truck wouldn't start. GG had to come to the rescue! WE got to ride in her convertible!! 

July First was Canada Day
 Grampa and GG took us to the celebrations by the lake!

Night time cuddles with Grampa before bed.
 GG snuggles!

 Bye GG and Grampa and endless sunshine!! We sure hope we can come back soon!!!

 I flew home with both kids by myself. First time flying with two! Ryder was pumped to be on the plane. He didn't want to sit down at take off time as he wanted to be kneeling so he could see out the window. Other than that, he was awesome for the one hour flight!  Peanut pooped twice (I changed her on my lap both times) and I nursed her once...all in all a very successful adventure!

I wish I had time to write more about our trip, but finding time to write these days seems to be next to impossible. I hope these photos will jog my memory of our trip when I look back on this one day. :)

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and find some sunshine!!!

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