Monday, 15 July 2013

STAMPEDE 101 (2013)

This year marked the 101st Calgary Stampede! It was amazing that the "show" got pulled off at all after the giant flood that drowned downtown, but come "Hell or High Water" the show must go on and "go on" it did!!! 10 days of rodeo, chuckwagons, fire works, fairs, rides, pancake breakfasts, beer and good times!!  We love Stampede! The whole city embraces it by taking the 10 days to wear jeans, boots and hats to work, by enjoying free pancake breakfasts throughout the city and by partying to celebrate our western heritage!  
The whole even begins with a parade on the first Friday of Stampede. We took Ryder downtown to take in the first few glimpses of the party that is the Calgary Stampede!

 In the spirit of Stampede I took Ryder to see Uncle Dirt. I dressed him in Western duds, and let him play with the ropes and buckets and horses like normal. Since he was all dressed up, I couldn't resist taking a few pics!
 Trying to rope the "dummy"

 Helpin' Mom
 I had to get Peanut some boots too!!

 My girlfriends and I took our kids to one of the Stampede pancake breakfasts. There were pony rides, balloons, face painting, and ofcorse, pancakes!! All of it FREE!!

 Ryder and his lil buddies in line for pancakes.
 So happy to have a balloon!!
 Eating our pancakes on the grass.
 The baby girls showing their Stampede spirit with their adorable boots!
 Unfortunately, Ryder, Peanut and I got really sick just after the parade.  We got horrible colds that we just couldn't shake. We were sick the whole Stampede. Since I am the Mother of a three month old, I am also not getting enough sleep at night, so this cold hit me hard and has hung on. I just couldn't/can't shake it.  One night, we even had a babysitter booked, but I just didn't feel up to going out "Stampedeing at all!"  Marty even took Ryder one morning to the grounds on Kid's Day without me!  He was approached by a few photographers asking him to sign waivers so they could take pics and possibly publish them of Ryder.  Check out this link:

Finally, yesterday, the last day of Stampede, I felt well enough to venture to the grounds to soak up some of the excitement. We didn't think Ryder was quite ready to sit through the whole rodeo yet, so we didn't take in the show, we just took in the fair and some mini donuts!!

 Ryder and Marty watching the horses in one of the rings.

 Testing out the driver's seat of a back hoe.
Stampede is awesome! We are huge supporters of it, especially Marty who is sure not to miss a party or breakfast the whole 10 days!!! I am telling you, he is one handsome cowboy, talk a bout a "tall drink of water!!"  Next year, I won't be nursing a baby and hopefully, I wont' be so sick so I'll be able to take my handsome cowboy for a spin or two on the dancefloor!

Stampede is over for this year and I'm sorry I had to basically miss all of it because of my horrible cold, but it will be back and so will I!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and teach 'em all how to holler, "yee haw!!!"

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