Sunday, 28 July 2013


Lastnight, we went to our first formal event since the potty training began.   Ryder was one handsome lil guy rockin' his chocolate brown cargo shorts, his blue and brown plaid button shirt and his undies!!!  I felt confident about this situation as he had pooped at home earlier so I figured we were in the clear. I managed to stuff a couple diapers in my purse and to be on the safe side, I stuck in an extra pair of undies and some track shorts as they could fold up really small.  I really didn't think we'd need them, infact, I was hoping we wouldn't as green and white striped shorts really wouldn't compliment his button up shirt.

The ceremony was in an indoor garden downtown. Ryder played trucks quietlyish through the whole thing.

We had to walk to the reception area a couple blocks away. Ryder helped by insisting that he carry my purse.

It was while Marty and Ryder and Peanut were standing in line at the bar that Ryder mentioned to Marty he had to go "potty potty."  Marty came back to find me, (not sure why he didn't just take him, but..) By the time Ryder and I got to the bathroom which wasn't in the actual ball room, it was too late! He had tried to tell us and he had tried to make it, this was a genuine accident...a messy one. A very messy one.  He panicks when he sees the poop so as soon as I got the undies halfway down he starts trying to get his feet out of them as fast as possible which just gets messier. By the time he was free of the undies he had poop all over the inside of his legs, on my fingers and after I sat him on the toilet, it was all over the seat, which then got on his arms and hands! I removed his shirt as I feared poop would end up on that too!  EWWWWWW! I sat there staring at him for a couple minutes. How was I going to clean this up? I had no wipes, no phone to text Marty and we were too far away from the wedding room to leave him while i got the wipes.  I was hoping someone would come in so I could ask them to go to table 6 and get my hubby and the baby wipes, but no one came.  Finally, after Ryder finished the "business" he had left, I cleaned him up the best I could with TP.  Once all the chunks were off of him, I pulled him off the seat and very careful not to get any on my dress, I stood him up on the sink counter, naked except for his sandals and wet papertowels so I could "sponge bath" him from the waste down!  After cleaning the toilet seat, sanitizing both of our hands and putting his shirt back on, we headed back to the wedding, pantless! Yep, it was turning into that kind of party! LOL. The best thing about Ryder, is that this kind of thing does not rattle him at all. He paraded back into the party, put on clean undies and the green and white shorts and rocked it!!! 

Note his green striped shorts....

Shortly after, Peanut needed a diaper change. I attempted that one with her still in the stroller. In a rookie move, I took off the dirty diaper without putting the clean one under her and ofcorse she peed at that exact moment.  The stroller was now wet and so was she!! Ooops!! 

So I guess I could say the wedding was "shitty!" but ofcorse, it wasn't really!! He he! We had a great time and it was so much fun being out as a family!!  Today, we head out on a 2 week camping road trip. More adventures to come!!!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and always be prepared!!!


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