Monday, 30 September 2013


Peanut is 6 months old! 

She weighs in at 19 pounds and is all cheeks! She had her first taste of solids (rice cereal) Friday (on her 6 month birthday.) Ryder wanted to be the one to feed her, so I handed him the spoon and he promptly handed it to her..she did put it in her mouth (ofcorse she did, she puts everything in her mouth,) but it came right out again! She cried. Eventually, we just left the bowl and spoon on her tray and let her eat as much as she wanted.....I'm sure something actually gets in.  We've been doing this twice a day, once at breakfast and once at supper. I always start by trying to spoon some into her mouth (everyday we get a little more in) then we just let her "play" with her spoon and bowl while we eat. It's messy, but seems to be working....

Ryder insists on eating his breakfast on her tray with her. Today, she dumped his mini wheats all over the floor.  She's quick. He's gotta be quicker!

She started sitting while she was still 5 months old, but she is not interested in rolling over yet. She hasn't even tried.  She has finally begun actually jumping in the jolly jumper instead of just hanging there and she giggles and giggles and giggles! She laughs at Scout when Marty has her all riled up and she's barking and growling and trying to wrestle with him and she laughs at Ryder when he grabs her and wrestles her to the ground. I always holler at him to "be gentle" but when he finally lets go of her and I see her face, there is a huge smile spread all across it and she's giggling!

The first 6 months have flown by! I am so glad I have 6 more at home with this sweet little angel!!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't blink!


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