Sunday, 15 September 2013


Today, Marty took Ryder for a Father/Son outing to the Monster Trucks! They left the house armed with protective ear muffs and loads of enthusiasm! As much as I hated to miss seeing Ryder’s wide eyes when he planted them on his first real live Monster Truck, I was excited for Marty to have this special “date” with his son.  (I also did not want to take Peanut there as I expected it to be a very LOUD event!)
Marty and Ryder met some friends at the truck rally and the boys had a fantastic time together…until it got too hard to sit still.  The attention span of a two year old couldn’t quite handle the whole event.  Marty was bummed to miss the “best part of the show” but Ryder couldn’t stop talking about all the big, loud trucks hen he got home. 
Ryder and his little buddy wearing their ear muffs.
 Pop corn!
 sitting with Dad

(Thank you to Will's mom for taking pics of my boys for me!)

Ryder enjoyed his first Monster Truck show but Peanut has been experiencing her own "firsts" lately too!

Riding with Mama!
 First time in the swing at the park!

 Ryder LOVED swinging with his sister! LOVED IT!!
 First time sitting by the barn all by herself, while I went to catch Uncle Dirt!
 Being cute..not her first time, but I included the pic anyway! :)

The three of us (Ryder, Payton and I) experienced our first neighbourhood BBQ. It was actually the soccer wind up party, but the whole neighbourhood was invited. They had bouncy castles, magicians, the fire trucks, the ambulance even the police were there letting kids sit in the squad car!  Ryder loved bouncing. He bounced and bounced and bounced, but it turns out he's started being "scared" of mascotts and strangers.  There was a guy in a bear suit with police gear on walking around high fiving kids, handing out sheriff's badges. Ryder spotted him from the bouncy castle and wigged out. He started yelling that he wanted to go home! What??? When did this start?? He wouldn't go near the fire trucks, either! What?? He's obsessed with trucks and all the sudden he won't go near the real things??? Oh well, he had one hell of a great time bouncing and bouncing and bouncing!!

 Oh yeah, he got to "fish" too!
Summer is almost over, but it's been a great one full of firsts and fun!! 

If Scout had eaten this popsicle, it wouldn't have been her first one! Ha ha!!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and never stop having "firsts."

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