Sunday, 8 September 2013


Marty had an extra week of holidays this year (perk of working at the same job long enough is you eventually earn more time off, yay!) So we decided to spend a week in Kelowna visiting his folks.  We hoped for sunshine and lots of time with Grampa and GG. WE got both!

This became Peanut's favorite spot..on Grampa's shoulder.
 Grampa got lots of smiles too!!

 Grampa and GG live in a huge beautiful condo that has a great lake view and lots of great places to play trucks!
 They also have a boat!! We took one evening cruise on the boat. Ryder loves to go "faster Grampa, faster!"
 The evening was sooo warm and beautiful that Trish, Marty, Angel (the dog) and I just had to jump into the lake!

We got in a beach day and even Peanut got into the lake...a little bit anyway!

She preferred to spend her time in Grampa's arms!
 Marty's Dad had hung onto this raft for 20 some years. Marty remembers floating in it when he was 10 years old!

 Marty's Family also has a cabin at Chain Lake. We got to spend a day and a night up there with Marty's Aunt and Uncle.

There were lots of great places up there to play trucks too!
 There are also Barber's Chairs on the deck! How cool is that?
 Giving Dad a hair cut!

Marty and his Dad got to take Ryder fishing on the lake...secretly, I think Ryder liked the whole "digging for worms" part the best of the whole adventure! :)
 The only life jacket at the cabin was this little once piece gem!

 Think he and the worms will float? LOL

Hangin' with Grampa and GG at the cabin.

 Auntie Darcy and GG and Peanut
 The crew!

Exhausted after all the fresh air at the cabin!

The girls!!
 WE had a fantastic holiday being spoiled by both Gramp and GG., comfy beds, yummy food, lots of laughs and sunshine! Thank you! Thank you!

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