Monday, 9 September 2013


Soo, Saturday evening Ryder shit in the tub. 
To be fair, while in the tub, he did tell me he had to go "potty." I yanked him out of the tub, put him on the pot, which kinda scared him cause it was really slippery since he was soaking wet, but he sat there like a champ and pooped! Yay!!! I put him back in the tub when he was done and went to see how Nic was making out with Payton. (Nic was visiting for the night and had just removed Peanut from the tub and was getting her in her jammies.) I came back to the bathroom to find Ryder standing in the tub, telling me there was something in the water..yep there was! A big turd! Ewwww! This was the first time this had happened and I was grossed out!! I tried to contain the urge to gag while I hauled him out of the water. I got Ryder dried off, helped him into his jammies, sent him to play trucks and  pulled on some rubber gloves.  With a brave face, I reached in and and attempted to snag the floating "treasure."  I dropped what didn't fall apart in my grasp into the toilet, the rest I swooshed down the drain, then scrubbed the tub with Lysol. I survived that little adventure, but damn, it was gross!!!!
Ofcorse, I took a picture of it, but for once I have used discretion and will not subject you to the same pic I texted to Marty who was out partying that night!

Before things went "sideways" in the tub Saturday night, Payton had been in there with Ryder. They've been tubbing together and both of them LOVE it! Giggles fill the bathroom!

It's been really fun watching Ryder and Payton play together, ride together and laugh with each other.  Ryder is soo loving. He is always hugging and cuddling Payton.  If she starts crying, he's the first one to say, "shh, shh, shh." Everymorning when he sees her, he greets her with the following words, "Good morning beautiful." My heart melts...I'm not making this up. I don't pose them together hugging, Ryder is sincerely this hands on cuddly and loving!

Tonight, we hit up Costco. Marty wanted to put Peanut in the cart. I insisted that she was too small. He insisted she wasn't.  He was right. I cried. When did she grow up?? When did she get so big? I need another baby! Mine are all grown up!

She loved her ride in the cart! 

Ryder, reaching for a sample.

Again, I didn't pose them like this. Ryder just kept hugging Payton in line. Everyone kept saying, "awww, you gotta get a pic of that!" So I did! I love these two!

Speaking of Peanut growing up....

Ryder has quite a sense of humour and he loves to laugh out loud, saying, "that's funny."

He's also decided he isn't afraid of touching worms anymore.  Infact, he's started collecting them and bringing them into the house.  The other day, he brought a bunch of worms into the house. He set the container on the couch after trying to mix them in his mixer in his kitchen and followed me upstairs for naptime. When I cam downstairs after reading stories, I discovered that the worms were not happy in their new little home of Ryder's snack container. They had crawled out and were making themselves comfortable on the couch.  I had no idea how many worms there were to start with, but I threw the ones I did find back into the grass.  Later that night, I found two dried up worms on the floor behind the couch.
My number one child has stolen my heart, and so has child number two!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and if you get a chance to love two or more (children) do!!



  1. Love these kiddos! But I will never scoop their poop out of the tub. Ever. Just so you know. if I had been babysitting, I would have saved it for you for when you got home. :)

  2. We have had a few poops in the tub.... SOOOOOOO gross!!!