Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Marty had sales meetings last week. They were here in our own city, but I knew he'd be gone late at night as big long drawn out dinners are always a part of sales meetings, so I figured why not head to Mom's for a few days?!
We left early Tuesday morning planning to come home Thursday, but we were having so much fun, we decided to stay until Saturday...well, Ryder was having to much fun anyway. Peanut came down with a horrific cold (Ryder eventually caught it Saturday) which definitely affected my own fun factor. Having a sick baby sucks! It breaks my heart that she can't breathe properly and because of that she can't eat properly or sleep properly, so therefore neither can I.  I spent the 3 or 4 days we were at Mom's in a sleep deprived fog. So glad Mom was willing to pick up my slack. She played endless hours of trucks with Ryder, who very recently discovered how much fun it is to have someone play trucks with him, (he used to prefer playing trucks by himself and would infact protest against anyone interfering with his game.) He hammered us day in and day out with, "play with me. Play with me? PLAY WITH ME!!!" Thank God, Mom was there to entertain as I couldn't put poor Peanut down without her protesting very loudly. Mom cut up apples for horses (Ryder adores feeding them,) chased cats (Ryder loves cats,) cooked for us, cleaned up after us (with the help of Scout and Tucker ofcorse,) drove us around, and got up early with Ryder in the mornings!
Ryder loves Mom and he loves the animals, but what he loves most are the toys! There are endless toys spilling out of the toy room upstairs.  What Ryder doesn't know is that almost all of the toys up there are over 30 years old!! Mom kept sooooo many of our old toys it's insane! What is mostly insane is that all of them still work and still look great! She has soo many fisher price toys that used to be ours, people and vehicals and a school house, an airport, a castle, all of our old trucks, horse trailers, horses, play dishes, puzzles and leggo. I am sure she has dolls too but those arn't in the playroom yet. I bet they'll come out when Peanut gets a little older.  
Ryder walks in the door to Grammy's house and beelines it up to the toy room.  He refuses to nap, sleep or do anything but play, play play. It's like he has never seen toys before! 

There are also toys for Peanut to play with.

WE always spend time loving Grammy's horses!
I love this pic. Ryder is my little horse whisperer and Maverick is sooo good with him!

There are always plenty of "chores" to help Grammy with like lawn mowing and moving heavy stuff with the quad.
Ryder adores cats! We don't get to close to very many when Scout is around (she loves cats too, ha ha)

Mom found this amazing garage sale where they had nothing for sale but thousands of Hot Wheels. An older couple had been collecting them for years. They were all still in the packages. No one had ever played with them!!! I am not sure who was more excited about that sale, Mom, me or Ryder! We were all in awe and while Ryder was very focused only picking one package to open right then and there at the sale, Mom and I were a little less  disciplined, buying several for birthdays and Christmas..if I can wait that long to give them to him!
Peanut doesn't get to ride the mower, or the quad, but she gets to hang out lookin' cute!
 Thanks, Grammy for all the fun at the farm!  We are back in the city now and have been playing "catch up" since we left.  Monday we had some grocery shopping to do. On the way home, Ryder randomly says: "Mommy, Daddy can't go grocery shopping because he is a man!!"  What??? Ha ha!! Where did he come up with that?? We always talk about who is coming with us when we go places. He always asks: "Peanut coming? you coming? Daddy coming? Scout coming?" And I usually answer with, "Daddy can't come cause he has to work at Bacardi. Scout can't come cause dogs arn't allowed..." so I guess he made up his own reason why Daddy couldn't come this time. 
Here's my little Peanut, cute despite her runny nose and puffy eyes. She's still not sleeping well, but I've got a humidifier up there in her room now, so here's hoping she and I both get more than an hour of sleep in a row tonight!

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and send your husband grocery shopping with the kids once in a while so the kids know he can do it even though he's a man!!

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