Monday, 1 September 2014


OMG! How did so much time pass since I last wrote? So much has happened since May!  This was a huge Summer for Ryder. He learned to ride his pedal bike without training wheels, he water skiied on his ski trainer behind the boat all by himself, he learned to trust his life jacket (this lesson may or may not have involved him going overboard...) he rode two sheep in two different rodeos and he mastered climbing UP the slide at the park.

Payton also had a great Summer, finally getting some teeth, sleeping through the night (that took until she was 16 months old) and attempting to do EVERYTHING her brother does!! She is a fiesty little fire craker who knows exactly what she wants and doesnt want (mostly, she doesn't want to ride in her car seat...)

We did a ton of camping, boating, family visiting, rodeo watching and horse riding this Summer!

Fun in Kelowna with Gramp and GG

horse back riding selfies with Grammy!
 It was great to spend time camping with the Coles and Mom and Nic. Payton and Kennedy were stinkin' cute together!
 Nic was the funnest Aunt ever!!
 Payton spent a lot of time this summer wearing her brother's bike helmet, pushing her stroller..I love this kid!

 My fearless three year old!
 My beautiful baby sis!!

Sisters in the sunshine!

Great to spend time with Hoser too!! We miss this guy!
I do not see these two enough! Love Aimee and Kennedy!
Since kids, Scout sees the end of a camera less and less, but I still think she is beautiful and she never misses a camping adventure!

Can you believe Mom camped in her own tent for our entire time together! She is a strong, independent, amazing woman! My inspiration!

I hate to summarize Summer like this, but I have to or I'll never get back to Blogging as it will just get to be too big of a job..sooo, here we are, September!! I can't believe it!!!!!!! Tomorrow is the first day of school!! I gotta get to bed! I am sad to close the door on Summer and all of our fun Family adventures, but I am excited to start a new adventure in Grade Three French Immersion!! EEEK!!! Here we go......

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  1. So glad you are back!!! I have so missed this!