Monday, 8 September 2014


Today is September 8th. Today, it snowed. All. Day. Long! WTF?? It's still Summer!!!!! 

Once over the shock, I have to admit, it was kind of exciting! The kids (my own and all of them at school) were absolutely pumped!! Snowmen were made, forts were built and sleds were dug out of the sheds! 
I had sent the kids to the Day Home in rain gear as it was raining when we left home, but by the time I arrived at my school, it was full on snowing!! I had to dig out all of our Winter gear when we got home!  Ryder was amped to get out and shovel and play in the snow so supper (chilli and buns) was inhaled and dessert was skipped!  Payton was unsure about the whole getting dressed process and when it came time to put the Winter boots on she flat our refused to entertain the idea. She stood at the patio door dressed in snowpants, tuque, coat and mitts screaming her ever loving head off! "No boots, no playing in the snow." Marty eventually wrestled her into her boots, but she was too pissed off about them to enjoy the could be a LONG Winter!! Here's hoping her footwear attitude adjusts before "real" Winter arrives!

This much snow, September 8th!!!

Cute but cranky...if only she could be barefoot....
 My guess is that all three year olds were pumped to have this blanket of snow covering their yards!!
Yep, he's shovelling off his sandbox!
 ..and building a snowman!

Something Payton did enjoy was the hot chocolate and marshmellow tradition Ryder and I have after playing in the snow. He remembered. :)

Hot chocolate. Something she can enjoy without pants or boots on!
 She really loves the marshmellows! LOL

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and if it snows in September, make like a three year old and get out there and build a snowman!!

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  1. Cheers to snow in September.. Ugh! Looks like your kidlets are choosing to embrace it, though!