Sunday, 7 September 2014


Marty left Thursday morning for the weekend.  The kids and I got to spend some quality time together finally! It feels like ever since School started I have hardly seen my little kiddos! Marty has definitely been picking up my slack pulling some serious Daddy Duty so I can spend the time I need to getting my new classroom all ready. 

Payton has been really starting to "express" herself. She has definite ideas about what she wants and what she doesn't want.  She has recently decided that she doesn't want shoes. No shoes on ever.  "NO SHOES!! This I discovered over the weekend is apparently something she is not willing to compromise on. There is no reasoning, no pleading and no forcing her chubby little feet into shoes of any kind.  The first incident was Thursday nafternoon when I insisted she wear shoes into the library, you know because it's a public place and all.  "Library? Who cares, I will not wear shoes in there and if you make me I will scream the entire time you choose books, check out books and drive home. Infact, I'll scream about it until bedtime and maybe even longer...."  That was fun. Friday was better only because I decided I preferred to grocery shop without ear piercing squealing in my ears and let her ride in the cart sans shoes.  Saturday she spent the day taking off every pair of shoes I put on her.  She used to wear shoes if I let her pick them out, but now even that doesn't work. I did manage to convince her to wear shoes while riding Uncle Dirt Saturday, but today was a different story.  I wrestled shoes on her feet while she was still buckled in her car seat, but the minute I set her on the ground she sat down and pulled them off. I explained to her how dangerous it is to have bare feet around horses and forced the shoes back on her feet then carried her as far as I could before her screaming and squirming became unbearable. I put her down and she yanked off her shoes, screamed for a while and proceeded to spend the next hour and half, feeding, riding and brushing horses in barefeet while I prayed we wouldn't have to take a trip to emergency with her toes in a baggie on ice....I know, I know, your thinking, "Hey, arn't you the MOM??? Get control of that kid!" Ha!! Your life must be perfect. If it's so easy for you to get your kids to do what you want, you are awesome! I bow down to you!  My world isn't quite so black and white.....My kids are "free spirited, strong willed, stubborn and loud..oh so loud...but then so am I!! Lol! I wouldn't have 'em any other way!! I also love that they both still have ten toes!! Eeeek!

Sunny, beautiful day today! Sandbox time!!

Yep, holding a horse brush, inches away from a horse wearing horse on the edge!

Appropriate footwear? Nope. But hey, she's wearing a helmet. That's something, right?

 She loves riding. She hates getting off and she hates sharing Uncle Dirt with her brother..but she does reluctantly....and loudly!
 Good thing he likes to play trucks as much as he likes to ride. He's very patient waiting for Payton to be done riding so he can have a turn.
 Leading him out to shoes....
 Yes, Payton is loud and opinionated, but she's also really funny, sweet, giggly, tough, determined and cute as can be and I love her to pieces!
Apparently she has no problem putting on her brother's shoes, especially if he also wants to be wearing
Kiss your babies, count your blessings and try to make them wear shoes around very large animals who may or may not be wearing iron shoes themselves. Make them wear shoes or pray alot!

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  1. She is indeed loud and knows what she wants...wonder where she gets that from...?! Love you both!