Tuesday, 2 September 2014


After Ryder rode/fell of his sheep at the junior rodeo last spring, I wasn't sure if he'd ever ride one again.  I can usually convince him to try anything once, but I wasn't sure if he'd be up for 'falling off" again...it took him a while but eventurally, without any prompting from me, he started asking again about when he could go "mustton bustin." He became insistent and recently all of his games involved bucking muttons....September long weekend was the weekend of the Cochrane Rodeo.  I was able to get Ryder entered to ride a sheep. He was pumped!! I was pumped! Marty was pumped as he missed the last rodeo.  Auntie Dic was pumped! She has also missed Ryder's first mutton bustin' experience, but this was one she wasn't going to miss!!  

Auntie was helping Ryder get dressed to go to the rodeo and he kept asking her for his "straps." All cowboys wear straps Auntie. I need to find my straps. He was tearing his closet apart when Nic hollered at me to ask what the heck he was looking for.  It took me a minute, but I realized he was looking for his chaps!!! I had already packed them, so we were good to go!

 He is intrigued with rodeo and loves watching the cowboy get bucked off!
 Marty and I walked him behind the chutes where we watched several little cuties stand on the chutes and stare down at their stock. 

Ryder was pumped to ride and though we had practiced lots on the barrel at Grammy's and on Mommy and Daddy's backs, the moment was just too exciting that Ryder, like all the other little cowboys and cowgirls, forgot to hang on!! His ride was so quick we didn't get a pic of him on the sheep! Ha ha!! I love that he is too young to realize he barely made one second, let alone 8. He came out of the arena asking if he rode for 8 seconds and asking when he could ride another sheep! I love his spirit!!

 They gave all participants a buckle and to Ryder this was all that mattered. He got a "gold buckle" and he was stinkin' proud as could be...so was I!

 I'm sure it won't be long before Payton is begging to ride sheep too as she always has to do whatever Ryder does..awwww! :)

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and get let 'em get bucked off in the dirt every now and then!

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