Sunday, 14 September 2014


How can the weekend be over already?? Tomorrow the craziness begins again! We love craziness. We thrive on it, but it was nice to have a little break from the "go go go" that week days have become now that I'm back to work.  
The Masters was on at Spruce Meadows and several of our friends were heading over there to watch the world class horse jumping event, however, we opted to stay home. Part of me felt lazy, part of me felt tired and part of me just felt too sick (I have a nasty cold) to venture out of the house early Saturday morning.   Mostly, I knew that my kids and Marty and I would actually love to have a day at home. NO rushing out of the house, no getting dressed the minute we got up, no alarms waking us up! All week Ryder kept asking, "When can I stay home and play with MY toys?" Well Saturday was that day!! The good thing about the kids going to a Day Home every day is that their own toys suddenly become novelties again and they genuinely just want to stay home and explore their own stuff!  I drank coffee at the table instead of inside my car. Ryder didn't get dressed til 11am and Payton slept til after 8am!!! Marty cooked us breakfast and we all ate it together! It might sound boring, but it was bliss!!!! At 1:30pm, Payton and I had a nap. Together. In a chair. We slept like that for two hours. Two hours!!! Ryder and Marty played leggo the entire time we slept.  I came downstairs to what looked like a leggo explosion in the living room and two very happy males submersed in childhood fun!  The day ended with a Family trip to Costco (God help us) and a bottle of wine with the neighbours. It was a great day!!!

Staying in PJs all morning! Best thing about Saturdays at home!

Sunshine after a freak week of snow, meant lots of walks outside!

Lazy afternoons filled with intense lego creations!
Marty keeps reliving his childhood by looking up things kids built in the 80s and recreating them.
 Ryder is really getting good at using his imagination and has come up with some fantastic lego planes and boats and cranes that he plays with all day!! Marty had to explain to Ryder that you can also use your imagination during the day as Ryder apparently told Marty he has only ever used his imagination at night time while he dreams....LOL
 Costco on a Saturday afternoon is stupid. Bringing children on a Saturday afternoon is just plain idiotic!! Why won't our kids stay IN the cart? Why do they have to be the only onces running down the aisles sliding on their knees, rolling around squealing with excitement? It's a miracle they didn't get run over by a stranger's cart. It's a miracle we didn't leave them there! ha ha ha...seriously, there was a point when we were tempted.....

Oh, they stay in the cart long enough to eat the samples since we won't let them have a sample unless they are IN the cart...

Who doesn't love bedtime??? I love how the kids get so cuddly at bedtime, with me and with eachother!!

Today (Sunday) was an interesting day.  Marty and Ryder had a boy's day taking in the Monster Truck Jam with another friend and his son.  Payton and I had a girl's day! So much fun!! 
Before they left, Ryder found a ladybug.  He was so sweet and so nurturing with it. He named it Sam. That's what he names everything and when he was done playing with Sam, he said, "hey little buddy climb on my finger so I can take you to safety." and when he let him go, he called out, "Have a safe adventure Sam!"  So stinkin' sincere and cute!

I loved having some one on one with Payton. She is actually really funny! She loves to make me laugh and she does it without even trying sometimes. She climbed all the way up the stairs this morning with one rubber boot on!! (She went to the shelf, grabbed a boot for some random reason and put it on herself even though we weren't even going outside.) She  still won't wear shoes, but for some reason these rubber boots make the cut of acceptable footwear for her. She likes these rubber boots and her pink Walmart sandals that she now has to wear with socks even though it looks ridiculous. Ofcourse she refuses to wear the sneakers I got for her, you know, the ones that are appropriate for this time of socks and sandals or rubber boots it is....
 She also really likes to show off her tummy!!!
 Ryder, ready for Monster Truck Jam!

While the boys were away, Payton and I went to the Farm after her nap. I didn't get to sleep today, instead I had lesson planning to do....

We brought Dirt apple slices and I attempted a few "horsey selfies..."

The whole family gathered again in the evening for dinner on the deck (yep the sun is back in full force) and a walk around the block before tubby time and stories.  It was a wonderful, slow paced weekend. Now I need to get off the computer, and go to bed so I can be ready for the craziness Monday morning always holds!!
Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't be afraid to stay home now and then!!

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