Monday, 23 March 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Four years ago Friday (March 20th) my life changed forever...for the better!  Ryder James Wright was born at 11:04am March 20, 2011.  He was and always will be my BEST birthday present ever (he arrived one day before my own birthday!)

Ryder weighs in at 42 pounds. He's almost 3.5 feet tall.  He LOVES to be outside. Cold, wind, snow, rain, nothing phases him! He loves to go fast, on bikes, skiis, sleds, anything that moves.  He is obsessed with all things hockey, Canada and Paw Patrol (his current favorite show on Netflicks.)  He has a soft heart, he LOVES his lil sister, he's an amazing brother and today on the way home from work he told me, "mom my heart is full of joyful things." :)  When he's mad everyone knows it! He's not afraid to get loud and yell, he's not afraid so tell us when he doesn't like something and he isn't afraid to run into his room and slam his door.  He's got an opinion and he isn't afraid to share it.  He's independent, you should see him make pancakes (only needs help with the stove,) crack an egg, bake cookies, help his sister get dressed, use a stool to reach things, (yep, he's a problem solver,) cut anything that requires HIS scissors, color and write his name.  He's 4 years old and he thinks he's braver, stronger and faster just because he's four.  He is.

 Both Grammy and Auntie Dic were out of the country for Ryder's birthday this year, so no fancy kick ass cake.  Marty and I resorted to Dairy Queen (they do make a mighty tasty ice cream cake.) Luckily they had one with a race car on's no home made masterpiece, which we all missed, but it held the four candles Ryder proudly blew out!!!! 

 For his birthday this year, Ryder got a new (to him) bike. A faster one with bigger wheels, and a helmet.  He's ready to check out the BMX track when the weather is better.

The day after Ryder's birthday, March 21st, was my birthday.  I weigh in at...a little bit more than last year. I love our new home at the Sunshine Ranch and I love to be outside, but wind, rain, snow and cold make me grumble a little. I love riding horses, running (though I both less than I want to,) camping, spending time with my family, coffee and teaching.  I am still working on being patient, not yelling or loud talking, finding time to write and slowing down. I'm learning to balance work and play and to drink beer instead of Bacardi!! I continue to be stubborn, happy, optimistic and loud.....

Marty had to work the night of my birthday, so we're going out to celebrate next weekend which happens to be right between my birthday and his.  Our night out will be for both our birthdays....
 The kids gave me a Starbucks card (my favorite) and Marty gave me money towards new boots (I really need some.) Scout made sure I had no shortage of kisses. :)

Next Friday is Payton's birthday. She'll be TWO!!!
Kiss your babies, count your blessings and kisses from dogs count as birthday gifts!!

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  1. So happy to catch up with the Wrights virtually, and I can't wait to catch up and get hugs in person. It has been too long! Miss you guys!!