Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Report cards! Ahhhhh!! They are consuming me!!! I know one day a teacher will spend this kind of time writing comments about my children and I will make a conscious effort to thank her/him for all of their own Family time they sacraficed to do it.  I should be putting marks into the reporting program right now, but our satelite internet here at home is so painfully slow that I think I will attempt a short blog post instead.  :)

Mom came to visit last weekend. It was her first visit to the Sunshine Ranch. 
Somehow all the pics of her with the kids are on her phone...remind me to get them from her!!! 
Ryder, Payton, Scout and I took Grammy for a hike up to the "Cowboy," the big statue in the Cochrane Ranch.  It is a short uphill, but since it's on a hill, Ryder says we can call it a hike.  You can "hike" beyone that to a ridge. I carried Payton in the backpack up the hill, but she made it almost all the way down by herself.  She is obsessed with pockets right now and took a few face first tumbles down the hill as she refused to believe me that hands in pockets = no balance....LOL

Ahhhh....Mom has all the good pics of the cowboy.  I should wait to write this post with all the pics, but if I do, I may never get back to it, so I'm posting it.  Look in the distance, you can see the statue... can't you?

Payton and I got to go to a birthday party for a friend.  It was a party full of almost two year olds and it was hilarious.  I LOVED having some one on one with Payton.  It's so great to see her shine and to really get to know her on her own!!! She is a funny lil thing and I LOVED watching her at the Splatter Paint Party!!!
Is there anything cuter???

Ryder and Grammy had some special one on one time while we were gone.  This week has been a crazy one with Daylight Savings time and all.  We all seem to be missing that hour of sleep we all lost!! I'm drowning in report cards but mostly cause I want to be done early so I don't have to think about them next week, Ryder's birthday week. I'd much rather focus on how my lil boy is turning 4!!!!!!!!  

I hate to cut this short, but Payton is teething and because of it she's all stuffed up, having a heck of a time sleeping, so I better sign off as I hear her calling......

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and try not to let report cards rule your life.....

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