Thursday, 19 March 2015


It is March 19th, two days after Saint Paddy's and one day before Ryder turns 4. FOUR!!!!!  I am done my report cards, finally...well done until next week when I have to email each one out individually...  :)  At least I dont' have the job of reading over every single one like my principal....can you imagine?

Saint Paddy's was fun! The kids and I set a leprechaun trap the night before complete with "my little pony" guards, a dinosaur guard and even a tractor or two.  We used one of Marty's old hockey trophys (Ryder displays them like they are his own in his room lol) as bait since it looks like it's gold. :)

It was sooo much fun tapping into Ryder and Payton's imagination!! I love how eager they are to believe in the magic. It makes my heart smile! :)  Plus painting this box green was a great exercise in messy fun!!!

 We spread a little trail of Lucky Charms cereal leading up to the box too....
And then, after the kids were in bed what do I hear? Scout whining in the living room...she had eaten the trail of lucky charms leading from the door to the box, but was too scared? to eat the ones that were close to our fierce guards...are you kidding me? LOL I was hoping she'd eat them and knock everyone over so it would look authentic, you know, like real leprechauns had come and battled it out...but no. She's too chicken!! Bwa ha ha ha!!! I ended up rearranging all the ponies so it looked like they chased the leprechauns out of the room. I made it look like they dropped the trophy and the beaded necklaces and left a note saying: he he he you'll never catch us!! I also left them a loonie each...from the leprechauns ofcourse. 
Ryder was super pumped to check on the trap in the morning.  He was happy to have two loonies.  I asked him if the thought one was for Payton.  He said "no." I asked if he was the kind of person who thought it would be nice to share with his little sister or the kind of person who kept all the money for himself.  He said, "keep it for myself." I dropped it.  I figured I'd see what happened.  Payton really didn't care that much....eventually, without me saying another word about the money at all, I heard him say, "actually, here, Payt, this one is for you." Yep, proud Mama moment.  He gets it. :)

The kids and I wore green hats the next day to day home and school.  It was a fun, festive, magical kind of day that began with lucky charms cereal and smoothies!  Yummmm!!!

Ryder has been playing hockey every night with Marty in the basement.  I think Marty has been waiting since the day Ryder was born for him to be old enough to play hockey with him in the basement.  Payton also likes to play, Marty even got her her own stick.  Ryder is less impressed with that idea.  One day, I even heard him say, "Hey, I'm playing hockey Payton! You go play with your dolls!" WHAT??????   I was sooooo offended though Payton was happy to go get a doll....Ryder has got a few things to learn about women in sport and I have a feeling, Payton is gonna be the one to teach him. :)
Ryder loves to have stuffies as goalies. :)
When Payton isn't trying to "crash "a hockey game, she enjoys styling Daddy's hair.
It's been a great week and it's gonna end with birthdays and lots of 'em!! Since I managed to get my report cards done before the birthday madness, I'm gonna say I had the luck of the Irish with me this week.  Here's hoping you had a little too!!! :)

Kiss your babies, count your blessings and don't be ashamed if you are the one in your family who picks all the marshmellows out of the lucky charms to our family, it's me. shhhhhh!

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